“I firmly believe that when your own cup is so full that it’s overflowing,

You Can Truly Serve at the highest levels.”

~ Niamh

Maybe you are.....

  • A devoted Yoga Teacher who is truly passionate about sharing your knowledge and making a positive impact on the lives of others but who is exhausted or worse still burnt out by the current yoga business model where the only realistic way to increase your income is to teach more classes.⁠
  • A light in the world but you are struggling to feel your worth as you are barely surviving from teaching classes alone.⁠
  • Social media averse and feel that posting and sharing on social media isn’t ‘Yogic’. You worry about what people will think and have often prepared posts only to delete them later.⁠
  • Continuously lowering your prices and offering free classes and workshops because this is what you have been told you must do. ⁠
  • Petrified that you will have to give up her dream of teaching your passion to others and return to your previous corporate job. ⁠
  • Constantly worried about money and feel humiliated that everyone thinks you are ‘living the dream’ when that often feels so far from the truth. 

Are you ready to instead.....

  • Create a business and life that supports you on all levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Allowing you to fill your own cup and serve others from that ‘well’ of absolute fullness.
  • Be that light in the world, stepping into the best version of you and truly creating the impact you know you are here to make.⁠
  • Have the freedom to travel when you want, to nourish yourself as you need, and to be truly self-sufficient not relying on your partner or family to help support you.
  • Know that there is still money coming into your business when you are unwell or need to take time for yourself.
  • Have the business blueprint, step by step giudance, accountability, love, encouragement, and support from me who is walking this path ahead of you and have made it my highest mission to help other yoga teachers also discover this better way……



How Can We Work Together?

One:One Exclusive

A bespoke 1:1 3-month coaching and mentoring programme for yoga teachers who are looking to create the financial freedom to serve at the highest level using an exact Blueprint to create the life and yoga business they have been dreaming of.

Book your complimentary discovery call below to find out more.

Freedom To Truly Serve

A 3-month coaching and mentoring programme for yoga teachers who are ready to break free from the yoga teaching hamster wheel with a step by step blueprint and strategy to create the life and yoga business they have been dreaming of. 

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Clarity Call

Are you looking for further guidance or mentoring? Do you have some burning questions that you believe I may be able to help you solve?

I offer a 60-minute coaching call to help you gain clarity on whatever it is you need. You will need to complete a quick survey in advance of our call so that we can truly maximise our time together and ensure you get the answers you need.

The book is being launched in








Why did I want to be involved in this beautiful book?

It really is the greatest honour to be asked to share your story in the hope that will inspire others. I feel truly blessed and grateful for this opportunity to contribute to this beautiful book.

I love what Glow Society stands for and the deeper message that it conveys. In Lucy’s words, Glow Society is the home where:

Dreams are seized,
Purpose and Potential are pursued,
Love and alignment are attained,
Wealth and freedom are created.

We walk together to leave our old stories behind us and instead follow everything that lights us up.

In doing so we light up the world.

We Glow

It’s time to step into your new once upon a time and create:
Your version of Extraordinary.
A life of Uncompromised dreams.
A life that is true to YOU.

Are you ready to create true fulfillment?

Take the steps today towards building a better tomorrow. You deserve to live a life that is fulfilled on all levels.

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