If I could show you how I help Yoga Teachers shift from Surviving to Thriving…..
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Discover a fast and easy way to end the constant pressure for financial survival while still being able to do what you love and better still… Truly make the impact you are here to make in this world.


Introducing Your Presenter……

 Hey there, I'm Niamh, and I am incredibly passionate about helping Yogipreneurs who are feeling burnt-out from the yoga teaching hamster wheel and are ready to instead, create the impact, income and FREEDOM they have truly been craving.
Together, on this one of a kind training I will show you exactly how trying to achieve the freedom you desire, is almost impossible by trying to teach more classes and workshops, posting on social media everyday or doing more teacher training. 
I cannot wait to see you on the training and show you this system that will enable to achieve the Freedom and Fulfillment you truly desire. 
Love Niamh xx



In this FREE 35 minute training you will discover…..

⚫️ The SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE way for you to achieve the impact, income and FREEDOM you have been craving without having to return to your previous corporate career.
⚫️ Why teaching more yoga classes or posting on social media every day isn't helping you & how there is an EASIER WAY to create the financial stability you desire.
⚫️ How I can help you to ACHIEVE MORE FREEDOM while still being able to do the work that you love but on your terms.
⚫️ I'll introduce you to the 5 SIMPLE STEPS to achieve the freedom you have been searching for. 

⚫️ If you are ready for more, this BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGY will help you achieve the time & financial FREEDOM you have been craving while creating the impact you know are truly here to make in this world.
And that's just the beginning………………………


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