You are ready to transform your exquisite skills and experience into your unique high value signature online program so that you can impact millions and continually draw from that infinite well of abundance.

Freedom To Truly Serve

is a 6 month program for Yoga Teachers and Yogireneurs who are ready to build a sustainable yoga business to support them long term.


You are ready to transform your exquisite skills and experience into your unique high value signature online program so that you can impact millions and continually draw from that infinite well of abundance.

Freedom To Truly Serve

is a 6 month program for Yoga Teachers and Yogireneurs who are ready to build a sustainable yoga business to support them long term.


It’s time to birth this incredible gift you have been given to share with the world.

You’ve realised teaching physical classes of yoga is not sustainable long term.

It’s time you learned the truth about how valuable and powerful your skills and experience really are (Something we don’t learn in Yoga Teacher Training) and your experience is worth €1000’s+

This is where Freedom To Truly Serve come in. Over the next 6 months, you’ll transform your exquisite skills and experience into your unique high-value signature online program and claim your birthright to abundance.

The intention is to give you all the skills both physical and energetic to become a powerful and impactful leader and change-maker in your own life and the lives of your clients.

Does This Sound Like You?

You are ready to charge your true worth and earn enough to support yourself and your family.

You are ready to work smarter rather than harder using the exquisite skills you already have.

You are ready to serve your community from a cup that is not just full but overflowing.

You want to truly help more people and make a real difference in the world.

You are ready to discover how powerful, valuable and transformative your skills and experience truly are.

This is Only For You if:

You are ready to build a sustainable yoga business to support them long term

Discover and Take Action on the lessons your yoga journey has taught you.

You are willing to do the step by step training to birth this incredible gift you have been given to share with the world.

How The Program Will Roll Out.


Module1 : The Path to Inner Freedom.

You’ll dive deep into the energy alchemy required to release those limiting beliefs and poverty consciousness programs that have been holding you back.

Get ready to become truly MAGNETIC as we reclaim your power and clear the path for the NEW you to emerge.

Module 2: Your Unique Yoga Love Story.

Uncover the depths of your journey and own transformation.

You’ll clarify the steps of your journey and craft the outline for your unique high ticket coaching program.

Get ready to discover your soulmate client, those people who really want and need exactly what it is you offer.

Module 3: High Ticket Research

You’ll do the essential market research to build confidence and validate your offer.

You’ll understand the key components of High Ticket products and know exactly what you need to include to charge $1000, $5000, $10,000 and beyond.


Module 4: Clarify Your Message

Clarity breeds confidence. You’ll get clear on who you are, your mission and how you powerfully serve the world.

Get ready to communicate your unique mission and message in a way that speaks directly to your ideal client’s soul,


Module 5: Soul Aligned Magnetic Marketing

You’ll learn how to communicate from a place of love to the people who need you most.

Get ready to become truly MAGNETIC while learning the key phases of your customer journey and how to speak to people at each phase.

Module 6: Your Automated Marketing System

You’ll automate your marketing system in a way that aligns your energy and your message.

Through our step by step training you will learn how to set everything up so that your marketing system is running automatically in the background while you focus on what you do best. 

Module 7: Your Marketing Plan

You’ll learn key marketing methods to pre sell places on your program so that you can work smarter rather than and get paid for your valuable time. 

You will also learn proven launch strategies to catapult your business forward.

Module 8: Soulful Selling

You’ll learn how to see and experience selling as the gorgeous act of service it truly is.

Get ready to confidently and soulfully sell your signature program in a way that will feel as natural as breathing, easily converting potential customers to multiple sales.

Module 9: Craft Your Course

You’re now ready to create your online course using the step-by-step training we provide.

Get ready to enjoy more delicious time freedom as you create automation in your business, the ultimate bonus of your online program.

Module 10: Becoming her

You’re now ready to truly become ‘Her’ as you step into this next level version of you who is living, serving and receiving at this premium level. 

Get ready to truly GLOW with self worth as you release all outdated belief systems and fully embody the NEW you, the thriving spiritual entrepreneur you know you were born to be.


Bonus 1:

Explode Your Marketing With Boulevard Marketing.

We have teamed up with world renowned marketing company Boulevard Marketing to dive into exploding your business with Facebook Advertising. (Value €297)

Bonus 2:

Learn 2 Powerful Strategies for growing passive income online.

Learn to convert $300 to $100k so you can plan for your future while growing your wealth simultaneously. (Value: Priceless)

Bonus 3:

Facebook Technical Set up.

Everything you need to know to set your business side of Facebook with step by step video tutorials and training to guide you. (Value: €199)

Bonus 4:

Grow Your Community and Clients With a Thriving Engaged Facebook.

Learn to nurture your community online in a way that feels supportive for you and your people. Make it a place where you and your people want to be. Build a deep sense of love and trust and a well of consistent clients. (Value: €99)

Bonus 5:

Supportive Meditations and Energy activations

to help you at each stage of the journey. (Value: €99)

Bonus 6:

Technical support and assistance

at every point of the journey. (Value: Priceless)

I learned so much from Niamh during our time together about finding my niche, my ideal customer, about creating my offer, marketing, and all the technicalities behind it. And she really beautifully guided me through not just a practical part of the process, but also with a strong focus on mindset. I am now in the stage of launching the beta version of my online program with two clients already signed up. My investment into this mentoring program has already been returned double, and I’m super excited!

Liz Szilagy

Wow wow wow. I absolutely loved this Niamh! It felt like every word you said I understood. And I’ve never thought about it from the perspective of the energy that I embody will attract the same. I love the idea of also sharing content from a high-energy point of view as the energy will ultimately attract who I want but also attract people to me.

Tara Alexandra

I am literally still buzzing from our zoom meeting. I can’t believe how you have managed to help me extract my super power in an hour!

This has made me feel so empowered and has given me the confidence to grow my yoga business, knowing that I have the evidence and course to support everything I am doing.

Emma Morgan

Niamh is incredible! I have pages of notes after watching this training – I absolutely LOVED it. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to watch this, and I have realised that I really do need to niche, because I’m losing out on so much from not niching! Fantastic quality audio, Niamh’s voice is so clear and beautiful, everything makes perfect sense and is so easy to understand and I RESONATED with everything that she said. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I absolutely loved this course, Niamh really simplified the whole concept behind affirmations and gave many examples of how they transform her life. I would highly recommend this course for anyone, its a must!

Sinead Halford

I’m so glad you helped me understand what I needed to do, and how easily I could do it. As Yoga teachers we do things with heart and soul and it’s beacuse we’re passionate and want to share. I love that you help us translate this in a way that connects with those we want to reach. If you are finding it hard to get the results you want, don’t hesitate, contact Niamh. Truly, you’ll gain a lot of insight and more importantly step forward with more confidence in yourself. Thank you for all your wondereful help and support.

Yoga With Rina

What Does It Cost?


Full Payment of €1110


6 Monthly Payments of  €199

Group Program

Full Payment of €2220


6 Monthly Payments of  €399

Premium 1:1

Full Payment of €5550


6 Monthly Payments of  €999

Hey there, I’m Niamh!

I’m a Yoga Teacher, Soul-Led Business Coach, Digital Entrepreneur, and Best Selling Author on a mission to help Yoga Teachers and Yogipreneurs create sustainable businesses that support them long term.

Why do I do this? Because I struggled to survive as a Yoga Teacher and having worked for 10 years prior to teaching Yoga, as a financial accountant building other people’s businesses I wasn’t prepared to take this lying down. I went in search of a better way to do what I love and still live a life that is fulfilled on all levels and to have the freedom to truly serve from a cup that’s not just full but overflowing. Before Covid ever began, I recognized that there were vast opportunities for Yoga Teachers online and immersed myself deeply in studying everything related to digital marketing, course creation, and multiple sources of income. I have trained with some of the best marketers in the world and the paid marketing elements of my programs are now supported by my amazing mentors who have launched some of the biggest names in the ‘Spiritual’ Industry.

I’ve made it my mission to help Yoga teachers create a more sustainable business model that will support you financially while utilizing your amazing gifts to create more impact and more freedom. We do this by tapping into the POWER of your unique journey, experience, and message to create a deeply impactful high-value program that will allow you to utilize all of your exquisite existing skills and experience, charge more for your time, and truly GLOW with confidence in the gifts you have to share with the world.

This is my mission and I can’t wait to personally support you on this journey.

Lots of love,

Niamh xx


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