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Calling All Yoga Teachers…

It’s time to build a more sustainable Yoga business

Discover the power of your Unique Yoga Love Story

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Calling All Yoga Teachers…

It’s time to build a more sustainable Yoga business

Discover the POWER of your Unique Yoga Love Story

It’s time to create the impact, income and freedom you desire and truly deserve.

It’s time to create the impact, income and freedom you desire and truly deserve.

Who is this for?

This is this for you if you….

  • Are struggling to make ends meet each month teaching only classes and workshops.
  • Love teaching the physical practice but feel it’s not sustainable long term.
  • Have so much knowledge to share and would love to impact lives beyond the studio and Zoom classes.
  • Are ready to work smarter rather than harder.
  • Are craving more FREEDOM and flexibility and are excited about how shifting your business further online to achieve this.
  • Would love to create more passive income to support yourself and your family.
  • Know deep in your Soul there must be a better way to do what you love and still live a life that is fulfilled on all levels.

What is included?


Your Unique Yoga Love Story

You’ll discover the power and the value of your personal yoga journey and how this can translate into a highly valuable online coaching program. learn how to use your existing skills to achieve your goals while working smarter not harder.


Reverse Engineer Your Bigger Vision

Answering your Soul Alignment questionnaire will reveal what you truly desire in your life and business. You’ll Craft Your Ideal Yoga Business Plan while releasing any yoga guilt and embracing your birthright to abundance.


Your Plan, Your Pillars & Your Potential

Now we will walk you through our tried and tested process, unlocking the secrets to a sell-out offer, how to reach your Your Soul-Mate people, and create a Magnetic Marketing strategy and program so there will be no stopping you.

Client Love

I learned so much from Niamh during our time together about finding my niche, my ideal customer, about creating my offer, marketing, and all the technicalities behind it. And she really beautifully guided me through not just a practical part of the process, but also with a strong focus on mindset. I am now in the stage of launching the beta version of my online program with two clients already signed up. My investment into this mentoring program has already been returned double, and I’m super excited!

Liz Szilagy

Yoga Teacher, Trauma Informed Specialist

I just wanted to say BIG THANK YOU Niamh for our calls. Your questions and guidance have helped me very much these past weeks! After trying for over a year to find out myself who I was serving to, I am so happy that in only a few sessions with you I got crystal clear about my soulmate client and feel aligned with my purpose! AMAZING! Have a lovely day ❤✨ Love, Light and Gratitude

Carmen Mar

Yoga Teacher, Lymphie Warrior

Thank you Thank you Thank you! Niamh you are fantastic 🙂 I connected amazingly with this beautiful woman, she is a concentration of powerful positive energy and motivation. I found her so knowledgeable a great business coach, mixed with an amazing yoga teacher, with a kind and sweet soul. Exactly what I was looking for! She gave me a path to follow to reach my business goals, I felt understood and supported as a yoga teacher and as an entrepreneur. I would recommend her to all yoga teachers who struggle to create their own business! I send you all the love from this world Niamh ❤🙏

Claudia Nicolai

Yoga Teacher, Pelvic Floor Specialist

Hello Beautiful One, I’m Niamh!

I am a dedicated Yogini, Yoga Teacher, Soul-Led Business Coach, Digital Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author, on a mission to help Yogipreneurs to create more sustainable businesses that will support them long term.

I firmly believe we are here to truly thrive not just stumble along barely surviving. Most Yoga teachers struggle to support themselves by teaching purely classes. This was me too until I learned a better way.

It’s time you learned the TRUTH of how powerful and valuable your skills and experience really are. And to use your exquisite experience in a way that will allow you to serve more souls in a sustainable way and create the impact, abundance, and freedom you desire and truly deserve. And, my love, I cannot wait to show you how.

If you’re ready, access the training below and let’s dive in.

Lots of love,

Niamh xx



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