are you ready to shift from surviving to thriving?

It’s time for you to create a more SUSTAINABLE Yoga Business.

Are you ready to shift from surviving to thriving?

It’s time for you to create a more SUSTAINABLE Yoga Business.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are struggling to survive by teaching classes alone.
  • You feel the constant pressure of financial survival.
  • You recognize that teaching yoga classes alone is not sustainable in the long run.
  • You want more freedom and flexibility in your life.
  • You feel you have a bigger purpose but you don’t know how to get your gifts and talents out into the world.
  • You want to work smarter rather than harder.
  • You are ready to shift your business further online.
  • You believe there must be a better way to do what you love & still live a life that is fulfilled on all levels.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these keep reading……

There is a better way.....

I believe that we are born to truly thrive in life, not just stumble along barely surviving! When I first started teaching yoga, I was ecstatic, I was finally getting to share my passion with others, it was a dream come true!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I realised, that it is almost impossible to live from teaching classes alone. I was teaching around the clock but barely surviving. I felt completely out of balance, confused, and quite honestly angry. I adored what I was doing but I couldn’t support myself, financially! I started to ask if, surely there must be another way, a better way?

We live in a digital age…

Internet Users in 2021

Internet Users in 2021

We live in a digital age…

this is what i discovered.....

We live in a digital age. There are now 4.54 billion people using the internet worldwide, yet less than 100th of 1% of those people earn a living online. Do you know that most “successful” yoga teachers are using the power of the internet to help support them and that you can learn to do this too?

There is so much that we don’t learn in Yoga Teacher Training that is needed to create and run a business that is sustainable and will nourish its greatest asset – The Teacher!

During Covid-19 every yoga teacher across the globe has had to switch their classes online to keep teaching. Why not leverage those skills further to build a sustainable business and income while creating a bigger impact without burning yourself out in the process?

do you want.....?


More time Freedom?

Do you want be able to choose how many classes you want to teach per week? Or maybe you want more time to practice for yourself? I can help you create your own automated online course or coaching program to give you more time freedom to do the things you love.

More financial freedom and stability?

Are you looking to create more consistent income, that allows you to focus on doing what you love without working yourself to exhaustion? I can help you to create an online course or coaching program to help you do just that.

To travel more (post Covid obviously)?

Do you want to go to yoga teacher training? Go on Retreat? Or be a travelling yoga teacher? When you create an online program you can work from wherever as long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection.
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What are people saying?

“It’s so comforting and inspiring to bounce ideas and unravel ideas, concepts and thoughts with someone who understands. But also then looks for ways to aid the process…that’ a gift Niamh has for sure”
Rina Rawal

Yoga Teacher @yogawithrina

”I was looking for a mentor who could guide me step by step in creating an online product which will result in more freedom in the long run. During our first call, Niamh exactly addressed my needs and offered the perfect solution. I’m very excited and inspired by Niamh’s coaching program and the impact it will have on all areas of my life.”
Liz Szilagy

Yoga Teacher @greenomlet

“I absolutely loved this course, Niamh really simplified the whole concept behind affirmations and gave many examples of how they transformed her life. I would highly recommend this course for anyone, it’s a must!”
Sinead Halford

Yoga Teacher @yogahomegorey

Ready to create true fulfillment?

You deserve to live a life that is fulfilled on all levels.

Ready to create true fulfillment?

You deserve to live a life that is fulfilled on all levels.

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